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Monday, June 28, 2004

Strong Kid
Did you read this story about the kid Germany with the big muscles? Apparently this kid has some kind of genetic mutation such that it "blocks production of a protein called myostatin that limits muscle growth". So the kid is really strong for his age, and could be probably be a pretty amazing athlete if it doesn't end up affecting his heart.

You know, you never really see athletic achievement that is on a completely different level from the current competition. You know like with the 100 meters, you can't be competitive unless you run under it in under 10 seconds. If there is a bell curve for speed, all of the athletes are grouped somewhere in very far right end of it: the 9.9s and 9.8s, but there aren't any outliers up there. Wouldn't it be sweet if some dude just walked in and ran an 8.2 all of a sudden? Maybe this kid could be like that.

You could argue that a Jordan or a Gretzky were outliers, but even then I think that while they were the best of their generation, they weren't all that much better than the next best player.

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