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Monday, June 21, 2004

Via Businesspundit, this list called "How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People". Here are two that strike a chord with me:
1. When an employee is in your office to talk with you, don’t hesitate to answer your phone.

13. Hold lots of meetings and make sure they have an unfocused agenda. Allow the conversation to meander aimlessly, permitting one tangential comment to give license to the next. Never cut off a rambling participant and if anyone has a good idea, compel that person to assume responsibility for a new committee to pursue the idea. End each meeting with no action items.
I can't stand when I am in someone's office and talking about work related stuff and they answer their phone without even a "Oh, I better take this. Could you excuse me?" I used to just wait around and avert my eyes, as if I wasn't trying to listen in, but now I usually just walk out and let that person follow up later. It is actually a rude power play and it happens to me in interviews all the time as well.

I hate meetings, mostly for the reasons above. Some people just love to hear themselves talk. Not me. If I have to schedule one I always make sure that they over as fast as possible an on topic (unless it's a cool group and we start gossiping, that's encouraged). I used to have a boss who felt that if the meeting didn't fill the time allotted that we were somehow "finishing up early". As if the hour, or 2 hours scheduled were the actual time required to fully address the topic.

I can appreciate that people have different styles at work: some are talkers, some are listeners, or thinkers, etc., but don't drag down the group because you need to think out loud.

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