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Monday, June 28, 2004

Bruce Should Stay Bald
Here is an article that says Bruce Willis is considering a "revolutionary treatment" to cure his baldness:
Hollywood action star Bruce Willis is reportedly planning to try a revolutionary treatment to cure his baldness.

The 49-year-old Die Hard star is said to have consulted experts about a new procedure that replaces crucial cells.

The "hair cloning" treatment has so far only been tested on rodents and has still to be approved by the US government.

"Bruce wants to make sure it is safe, but is very interested in going ahead it is available," a friend told The Sun.
I can't imagine Bruce Willis walking around with a head full of hair, but if that's what he wants, it's his mellon.

But anyway, why isn't there a real cure for baldness yet? I'm OK now, but at least compared to pictures from high school, it is clear that my forehead is growing, or something. Back then, I fully expected that this would be solved by now.

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