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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Packing Up
We started packing a little bit this weekend for our upcoming move, which actually isn't until July 9. My wife and I have very different styles when it comes to packing. I am of the "just throw the stuff in a box or a garbage bag, I'm sure it will fine" school, whereas she believes that everything needs to be bubble wrapped, twice.

Also, we have been trying get rid of some of our older stuff, but I am a complete pack rat and have strong attachments to stuff as silly as old receipts and ticket stubs. So the conversations around the house go a bit like this:

Her: "Why are you saving these old T-Shirts? They have holes in them and you never wear them."
Dave: "I'd sooner die than throw those away. Those are from college and are very important to me."
Her: "What about the stuff in this box that hasn't been unpacked since our last move,"
Dave: "If there was a fire in this house that box is the first thing I'd rescue."

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