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Monday, June 21, 2004

Clinton Book
I have been feeling kind of nostalgic for the Clinton era recently, that carefree decade of my 20s, and thought I thought about buying his book. But then I read some of the reviews and decided that there is no way I can make it through 950 pages of his life. Especially after seeing his interview on 60 Minutes, which reminded me why I got pissed at him in the first place.

He still just doesn't seem to get it, and has never really been contrite about lying in public. They showed clips of that whole Gennifer Flowers interview when he was running for President in '92, and he mentioned how he was pissed at Steve Kroft for asking him those questions. Of course, later we find out that he was flat out lying the entire time. You can't be indignant when you are the one who is lying.

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