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Friday, June 25, 2004

More Proof That Dogs Are Great
Not that any more is needed, but here is a cool story about a puppy that saved an entire neighborhood:
A Canadian man, driving a car packed with weapons and ammunition, was intent on killing as many people as possible in a Toronto neighbourhood but gave up the plan at the last minute when he encountered a friendly dog, police say.

The middle-aged man, who police say is mentally disturbed, had planned to carry out the shooting spree on Wednesday to ensure he would be put in jail permanently.

Police say he had set himself up in an east-end park to load his weapons and then planned to drive around shooting.

He told police that a dog then approached and started playing with him.

Police say the encounter melted the man's heart, and he then went in search of police to give himself up.
Dogs really are looking out for us. If he would have ran into a cat, that whole town would be gone by now.

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