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Monday, March 27, 2006

Global Warming
Time Magazine has a big global warming article this week that made me doubt my current position (Bring it on!) for a moment or two, at least until the end of the article, which provided no opposing viewpoint and breathlessly concluded:
Curbing global warming may be an order of magnitude harder than, say, eradicating smallpox or putting a man on the moon. But is it moral not to try? We did not so much march toward the environmental precipice as drunkenly reel there, snapping at the scientific scolds who told us we had a problem.

The scolds, however, knew what they were talking about. In a solar system crowded with sister worlds that either emerged stillborn like Mercury and Venus or died in infancy like Mars, we're finally coming to appreciate the knife-blade margins within which life can thrive. For more than a century we've been monkeying with those margins. It's long past time we set them right.

Whatever. Even in Virginia it's kind of chilly, so we'll probably move further south...or the south will move to us.

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