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Monday, March 20, 2006

Not much going on around here for the old blog as of late. But anyway here's something: I was at Giant (supermarket) on Saturday morning and this concerned looking woman ran out from behind the butcher counter towards a group of employees standing around and said, "Curt fell down, get help". I was nearby, so I went with them to take a look for a moment locked eyes with a very sick looking man. Curt was in his 60s I'd say, and I figured he was having a heart attack.

But there plenty of people that worked there looking after him, so I thought I'd just mind my own business and get back to shopping. Still, I thought that if I was having a heart attack, I'd probably want to chew on a aspirin or two, and the folks in the butcher department probably wouldn't have thought about that. So I went over to aisle 14 and picked up some aspirin and headed over to the scene again. This time there were about 10 people around Curt, who now was unconscious. I spoke with someone nearby and she said there was a medical person there taking care of him, so I figured my services were no longer needed, and he couldn't chew the aspirin at that point anyway.

I wondered if that might have been that poor bloke's last day. We'll all have our own someday, but it's strange when it plays out in public. It reminded me of this time I was in O'Hare airport in the connecting tunnel between the United terminals and this man was getting CPR at the end of the moving walkway. His wife and daughter were standing there, almost in a trance. It was clear that he wasn't going to make it, since they were working pretty hard on him and he wasn't responding. They had opened up his shirt and his fat belly jiggled around as they pushed on his chest. It wasn't a very dignified ending. The saddest part was that they were heading toward Terminal C, which meant that the vacation never even got started.

Anyway, so I went back to Giant yesterday to see how this guy fared, and thankfully he was fine. Turns out he was just really dehydrated, which means he was either really hung over, or that he had a serious case of diarrhea. And if it was the latter, which I bet it was, that tells me more about the sanitary conditions in the Giant meat department than I'm prepared to deal with.

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