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Monday, February 27, 2006

Last Olympic Post
Well the Olympics are finally over. They kind of dragged this year and there didn't seem to be that many exciting olympic moments like we have all come to expect. The best thing this weekend was Apolo Anton Ohno's gold medal in the 500M. He seems like a decent guy and a good sport, and the fact that he is Shani Davis best friend further bolsters my position on Speedskater Chad Hendric: that he is a douchebag. Early on in the Davis-Hendrick fued, I thought that both were being selfish, but now I'm leaning more towards thinking that Shani just wanted to run his race and Chad is a douche. Chad Hendrick reminds me Rachel McAdams's boyfriend in "Wedding Crashers".

Oh, speaking of Rachel McAdams I saw "Red Eye" on Saturday. I could probably watch Rachel McAdams for hours while she was explaining accounting rules and call it a great performance, so take this for what it's worth. "Red Eye" is a thriller and it was pretty good: 3 stars out of 4 I'd say. It felt a little underdone in places, like it was the TV "movie of the week", and I usually complain about how long movies are but this one only clocked in at about 80 minutes or so. But Rachel was great and the creepy-eyed Cillian Murphy did a nice job.

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