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Monday, August 02, 2004

Tax Hypocrisy
Ben Affleck is an idiot, and I think that he might wear a toupee. That being said, if he wants to send some of his tax cut to a worthy cause, I can think of a few.
In his speech at the convention, Bill Clinton delighted the crowd by complaining about the unnecessary tax cut he had received. At a breakfast with Florida delegates, the actor Ben Affleck got into specifics, explaining that the Bush tax cuts had provided him with $1 million last year that he didn't need.

It was a smart strategy to please the faithful in Boston, but the protests may raise a question for some voters: If you think the government has a better use for the money, why not give it back? When The Nation urged readers to send their tax rebates to the magazine, the editors were criticized for hypocrisy: given their beliefs, shouldn't they want those rebates to pay for public programs instead of remaining in the private sector?

We asked Mr. Affleck if he had considered sending the $1 million back to Washington. "No," he said. "I'm not Jesus Christ of the tax code. I can't completely martyr myself."
I saw him being interviewed by Katie Couric at the Democratic convention, and she asked him if he was considering running for office at some point. He said yes. I can't wait.

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