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Monday, July 26, 2004

Chicago Weekend
I drove back yesterday from Chicago. I had a great weekend spending some time with friends and family. You know, between June and September, and for a few days around Christmas, Chicago is the best city in the world. During the winter, which is late October through mid-May, it ain't so good.

On the drive back, my parents let me borrow their books on tape copy of My Life by Bill Clinton, so I subjected myself to 6 hours of his voice telling his version the story. It was actually a pretty interesting account of the events of his presidency and he gave us a little perspective on his early years to help us understand why he likes to lie about everything. Everyone likes to put the best spin on events in their own life, so I don't hold that against him, but I thought that he wasn't being very genuine about some things. But, I'll probably watch his speech tonight at the Democratic convention.

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