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Monday, July 05, 2004

Lawn Boy
I cut the lawn yesterday, and since we are moving on Friday, that will be the last time that I do it at my house here in Charlottesville. This is a relief, but also kinda sad in a way.

My yard is very hilly which makes cutting the lawn extremely challenging, both mentally and physically (mentally because it hard to get motivated to get out there). It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to do now, but in the beginning it took close to 2 hours and it damn near killed me. I had to learn how to use the terrain as my ally. Many times I felt like caving in and hiring some guys to do it, but I decided to fight back.

Really, the only practical reason that I lift weights and run (besides vanity) is so that I can maintain the strength and conditioning to cut my lawn. But those days are now over.

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