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Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Freshman
The New York Times obituary of Marlon Brando overlooks one of my favorite movies, The Freshman. Brando plays Carmine Sabatini (aka Jimmy the Toucan) in a parody of his Godfather role as Don Corleone.

I've seen The Freshman more times than I care to admit (OK, maybe fifteen) and I still think it is hilarious. Matthew Broderick is perfect in the role of Clark Kellogg ("from the great state of Montana"), Penelope Ann Miller looks hot, and Maximilian Schell, B.D. Wong, Bruno Kirby and Frank Whaley are all impressive.

It is just one of those movies that fits perfectly with my sense of humor because it is so blatantly silly, yet the characters are playing it so seriously. Brando is perfect in this and I am surprised the Times doesn't mention it.

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