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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

John Kerry
I tend to share Micky Kaus' take on John Kerry. Here is an excerpt:
I admit, I'm allergic to Kerry. Something in the vibration of that deep, pompous tone he adopts--the lugubrious, narcissistic fake gravity--grates on me. Others, bizarrely, say they don't have this problem. But few would argue that Kerry has formed a special bond with any large group of voters other than veterans. If he wins it's likely to be because voters see him as an acceptable alternative to an unacceptable incumbent, not because he's inspired them. It doesn't help that Kerry has a tendency to play the voters for fools--letting them think he's Irish (when he's not) or letting them think he's cleaner, in the campaign contribution department, than he really is...
I just can't bear to listen to the guy for longer than a couple of minutes. Its too bad, because I was looking forward to this campaign season, but now with Kerry, its going to suck. So I am basically left with voting for Bush or not voting at all, and I am leaning towards the latter, especially since I will be voting in Tennessee this time, and probably won't be registered by then.

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