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Friday, February 27, 2004

Apprentice Update
So according to the teaser on this episode, we were supposed to witness the most "shocking boardroom ever". That should have been enough for me to know that this was going to be a pretty lame one. This time the teams were sent out to sell some of Donald Trump's new bottled water, Trump Ice. Now I don't know about you, but when I buy bottled water, I want to see a picture of a mountain spring, or a lake or something cool and clean on the label; not a picture of some old dude with goofy looking hair. But anyway, this time Versacorp was led by the cute Erica, who is a marketing manager for Clinique, and Protege was led by the um, not so cute Heidi, who is (or was) an account exec at Qwest.

We didn't learn anything too interesting in this episode, except that Nick is full of shit. But I think we already knew that because he was a big supporter of Sam. You have to wonder what Amy sees in him. Bill Rancic is still pretty good at this and Omarosa is still useless. In the end it was Troy, the high school educated good ole boy from Idaho, who was able to sell some of the water to distributors that gave Protege the victory. Troy will be the first to admit that he is better than any of these city slickers with their fancy degrees and after this episode, I am starting to believe him.

So it came down to Erica, Troy and Bill, and Trump let Erica go. I would rather have seen Nick go because he seems a little too cocky and clueless, like many of the salesmen that I know. But he'll be fun to laugh at for a few more episodes.

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