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Friday, January 09, 2004

Cold Mountain
We went and saw "Cold Mountain" tonight. I liked it. It was a little more depressing than I hoped it would be, but I suppose if it was a happy ending it would have been a little too sappy. It was nice to see my little friend Natalie Portman in it. I guess I didn't pay any attention to the press on it and was like, "hey isn't that Renee?", and "dude, that's Natalie". Like most movies out there these days it was about 20 minutes longer than it needed to be; the trip home by Inman got a little too long and my back was getting sore from the theater seat. But I would recommend it. If anything, it makes you thing about how much we have to be grateful for nowadays. Just getting enough food was a chore not so long ago, while these days I stress over finding the time to work off an excess of it.

Tonight I have been watching "Catch Me if You Can", which is one of my favorite movies of recent times. I saw it at the theater and rented it once and have watched it on cable a few times. There is something about that time period, the mid to late 60s that appeals to me. Any movie that has the Girl from Ipanema on its' soundtrack works for me. I'm not a big fan of Leo, but he does a good job in this movie. I love the scene where he gets in trouble for teaching his French class for a week. There is a moment where he and his Dad are walking out of the principal's office and he looks sheepishly up at his dad Frank Sr., played by Christopher Walken, and his Dad gives him a smile and they both realize that they are cut from the same cloth.

Anyway, my tastes in movies are completely banal, and I take pride in that. The other day I was watching "The Hot Chick" and laughing my ass off.

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