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Friday, January 09, 2004

Oh no, real work on the horizon
Well I just some bad news from the boss. Looks like my time on the bench is coming to an end. I was having fun doing some research on RFID and just trying to look busy. Now I might have to do actual work again, something I was specifically trying to avoid.

Our company has been sustained pretty much by a big contract we have with a large computer hardware manufacturer and it looks like I will have to fill in for someone. The work isn't all that challenging, and there is more busy work than I like to do. But oh well, I guess its time I took one for the team.

Update: Yep it looks like my little vacation is over. Come Monday, its back to the world of real responsibilites. My manager said, "the good thing is that you will be billable again". Good for who?

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