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Monday, May 15, 2006

King Kong
We rented King Kong this weekend. I liked it enough to sit through all of it, but my wife gave up on it 2 hours into it, realizing that there was another hour to go. This is another movie that probably played a lot better in the theater. It appeared to be visually stunning, but that just doesn't have the same impact when it is shown at home on my 27 inch screen in widescreen. (I'm real close to getting a new TV for this reason, by the way.)

Anyway, you might get the feeling that you have seen this movie before and it's not because of the original in 1933 or the remake 43 years later. The beginning of this movie is very Titanic-like and the middle is a combination of Jurasic Park and Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom. I can't think of what the ending reminds me of, so that part might be original. Naomi Watts is great in this. She is year older than me and looks like she's still in her 20s.

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