just procrastinating

Monday, April 24, 2006

Wilco came through Charlottesville last night and the wife and I decided to go check them out. Charlottesville has this new pavillion just off the downtown mall and have been getting increasingly better acts. We went to the Spin Doctors and Blues Traveller last fall and they hadn't quite got the sound right in the pavillion, but Wilco sounded great last night. Wilco isn't the kind of band that you would say, "Those guys so fucking rocked", more of a relaxed "I was really enjoying the music" kind of band. They played some new stuff and some stuff off of albums that I do not own, but pretty much everything sounded good.

Since my wife is eight months pregnant, we decided that someday we will have to tell the little one that Wilco is the first show she ever went to when she had ears, since I suppose she was around for Blues Traveler but probably wasn't quite aware of it.

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