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Thursday, April 06, 2006

So Katie Couric is leaving the Today show and headed off to read the news at CBS? I do think the Today show could use some new blood, but I still kind of like Katie Couric despite our political differences. Of course, NBC decided to go with the even older Meredith Vieira, which shows how on the ball that network is. I'm sure she will end up like Deborah Norville: short tenure, universally despised. Or not, I'm not even sure which one from "The View" she is.

The other candidates were Campbell Brown, Natalie Morales, Ann Curry. Ann Curry is nice enough, but there is something missing there, maybe her sense of humor? Natalie Morales is OK, but she sure is scrawny. I'm not sure if the newlywed Campbell Brown is up for the job either. I've criticized her in the past but I've warmed up to her recently. The one thing that Campbell has that Katie doesn't: Campbell can read the news with the best of them; Katie, I'm not so sure. NBS should have just swung for the fences and went with the sometime correspondent and super hot Maria Menounos.

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