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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

White Sox
Interesting article in Slate about that other major league baseball team in Chicago, the one that maybe could win a world series some day. As a south-sider who lived a mere 50 blocks from the former Comiskey park, all I can say is that our family had north side roots and I was brought up a Cub fan. Also WGN had better reception than WFLD. But the first major league game I saw was a Sox game, and I still remember the feeling I got when I first stepped out into the stands and saw this. An explanation in Slate for the Sox diminished status:
For one, because there is no White Sox Nation. Most ChiSox fans live on the South Side of Chicago, the south suburbs, and northwest Indiana, my childhood home; without a diaspora, it's impossible for the team's woes to spread very far. We're also lacking a raft of celebrity fans who make a public spectacle of their tortured loyalty. (To give you some idea, our Ben Affleck is Styx's Dennis DeYoung.)

There aren't nuggets of sporting romanticism waiting to be harvested, either. It's easy to let your mind wander to yesteryear in Fenway Park or Wrigley Field, with their quirky outfield walls and hand-operated scoreboards. The White Sox blew up their baseball temple and replaced it with a parking lot. "New Comiskey," aka U.S. Cellular Field, is a bland, cavernous stadium that just missed the now-obligatory neo-retro trend. No one who takes a seat in the New Comiskey's upper deck thinks back to the glory days of 1959. You can't really ruminate when it takes so much concentration to figure out which tiny ant is on which team.

Maybe this is their year, but I doubt it. Unlike Cub fans, the Sox and their fans have always had something in common: Losers

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