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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I saw a license plate today on a BMW that said "FOOBAR" and thought, how'd that make it past the top notch folks at the DMV? Obviously that is the phonetic pronunciation of FUBAR, which means "F'd up beyond all recognition", right? Anyway a google here and there and maybe it has something to do with computers, so maybe that guy in the BMW didn't deserve the props I gave him.

This reminded me of a story in the Washington Post ten years ago or so when some ninny wrote in with her knickers in a twist about seeing a fancy car with the vanity plates "ISLECRCK", which to her meant "I sell crack" and wasn't that just awful and all. The Post tracked down the plates and it was some dude who had a house at a place called Isle Creek or something like that and the plates were just a reminder of where his heart was.

Kinda silly, just like the rest of these clever Army acronyms.

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