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Monday, August 15, 2005

The More Things Change
I feel like I read this article a decade or so ago when Gen X was first hitting the work world. Same story with the new kids:
Technology has allowed them to blend their schoolwork into their personal lives seamlessly and wirelessly, so they balk at the image of a rigid 8-to-5 office where everyone's tethered to a desk. Still, they seek a balance between work time and free time, so they inquire about vacation plans and lunch hours.

They want instant gratification in their first jobs, with meaningful responsibilities right away. They're passionate about finding jobs that fit their values, but they're clueless about negotiating workplace basics. They wear jeans to the theater and camisoles to church - and if their shoulder tattoo is exposed, so what? They think they dress better than the boss, even as supervisors roll their eyes at the nightclub-friendly attire that constitutes "dressed up." The pumps-and-pinstripes professionalism their parents practice is foreign to them.

Yawn. So Generation Y still hasn't sold out to the man. Let's check back in a dozen years or so and see how well they've done.

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