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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

All Shook Down
I went to Plan 9 (the local record store) with the intention of getting Bakesale by Sebadoh, since I used to have it on tape but can't find it anymore. But they didn't have it, and I saw All Shook Down by the Replacements in the used section for $6.99 so I bought that, since it is the one of the few I don't have by them. I know the later Replacements' stuff is a little too soft for some of the purists, so I'd be interested in what the expert thinks about it; but I like it because it kind of reminds me of that 1991-92 period when I used to visit my younger brother at the University of Dayton. He and his buddies were huge fans, and he even went to the July 4, 1991 Grant Park concert which was their last. I gave him a recording of it once and you can hear Paul sing on I'll Be You, "And if it's just a game, Then we'll break up just the same" or something like that.

I'm more into the Let it Be phase, because that has a nice mix of the harder stuff along with Paul's softer side, and that is still one of the tapes I put in my walkman when I am running.

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