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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Warmer Days Ahead
Here is a chart that I just updated that shows the first day that the temperature rises above 50 and then 60 for a select group of cities, and the first day that it falls below that. It also shows the total number of days that the average high is above 50, which I consider to be bearable and 60 which is more ideal. These are all cities that I have lived in or will live, in the case of Knoxville, with Hilton Head there just as the ideal benchmark. So Knoxville only has 51 days where the average daily high temp is below 50. Not too shabby.

And by the way it is not easy to get a table into blogger. It took me about 8 tries to get this right and it still doesn't look like I want it to.
City First > 50 First > 60 First < 60 First < 50 Days > 50 Days >60
Ann Arbor, MI Mar-27 Apr-20 Oct-20 Nov-10 228 183
Chicago, IL Mar-22 Apr-17 Oct-27 Nov-16 239 193
Philadelphia, PA Mar-11 Apr-9 Nov-1 Nov-30 264 206
Oxford, OH Mar-7 Apr-1 Nov-4 Nov-26 264 217
Washington, DC Feb-26 Mar-27 Nov-10 Dec-7 285 228
Charlottesville, VA Feb-22 Mar-24 Nov-11 Dec-8 290 232
Knoxville, TN Feb-8 Mar-12 Nov-18 Dec-18 314 251
Hilton Head, SC NA Feb-4 Dec-19 NA 365 319

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