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Monday, February 23, 2004

No More Sex
I hate to say it, but the last episode of Sex and the City ranks up there with Seinfeld for biggest letdown in the conclusion to a long running series. I still like the show, but I definitely sensed that this year their whole schtick was starting to get old. And what did we learn from this: that Carrie and Big belong together? Really? Are we sure about this? If that is the case, it is only because Big matured as a person. Not Carrie.

In fact, it only goes to prove that she is the only one that hasn't learned anything over the last 6 years. At least the other 3 matured in some way: Samantha having a committed relationship, Miranda getting married and making some sensible choices, and Charlotte, well, she married a bald guy.

And I don't know why Carrie denied that Aleksandr hit her on purpose; that was no accident.

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