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Friday, February 20, 2004

Recent Apprentice Episode
Almost missed this one; I was out at happy hour, but made it back in time. In this episode, the teams had to renovate and rent out an apartment in NYC. The winner was the one who rented out the place for a higher percentage than that original rent. There were only 2 apartments to choose from, and the project managers Troy, who does insurance and mortgages, and Katrina, who does real estate in Beverly Hills, ended up flipping for the best one. There was some drama here, in that Katrina thought that Troy was using her "expertise" to decide which apartment to pick, but any idiot could have figured out that the brownstone at $1200 beat that other one at $1500. I thought Katrina was a little dramatic and looked kind of silly with her pretend (?) indignation.

In the end, Protege, led by Troy, was able to rent the nice place out at over $1500, and Versacorp could only get a 10% premium, despite being able to get a nice kitchen renovation on the cheap. So it was left up to Katrina to decide who would join her in the board room. She chose Bill (who I like), who was the one that negotiated the final deal, and really only got the tenant to go up $50 from her offer, and Tammy, who from the beginning has seemed a little bit like she is playing a completely different game in a alternate universe. Tammy probably isn't playing with a full deck and Trump sensed this, and decided that it was her time to go.

I think it was probably the right decision. Bill did the best with what they gave him, and really, he was lucky to even get that extra $50. Katrina is a little too full of herself and her 2 years of real estate experience that somehow put her in the top 1% of all real estate agents is suspect to me. Yeah, its Beverly Hills and the prices are high, but still...you don't good listings without some good connections, so most of her success is probably related to her family connections. I would like to see her go, just because I think that she needs to be taken down a notch or two.

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