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Friday, February 20, 2004

Wedding Perks?
This article in the San Francisco Chronicle talks about some to the benefits that same sex couples will enjoy if they are able to get married. But it leaves out the most important drawback -- taxes. Ever since we tied the knot, we have had to pay an addition $6000 a year for the privilege of being married. I expect that will be less this year thanks to the reduction in the marriage penalty, but it will be still be a significant chunk of change. But the point is when both spouses work, both spouses get screwed. The tax deductions work in your favor if only one spouse works.

There are other costs as well. One of my coworkers who has grown children confided in me that she and her husband got divorced ten years ago so that they could get better grants and loans, since they were both trying to finish their degrees. They still live together and everything, but legally it made more sense for them to be single. It was kind of sad to think that a nice Catholic girl had to get divorced to be able to go back to school.

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