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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Workplace Dress
I liked this Stanley Bing article in the most recent Fortune about the way that acceptable business attire has evolved, from the days of the fedora to the wide ties of the 70s:
Anyhow, the one thing left of value from the past ten years is the relaxation of the assumption that working people need to be stuffed into a uniform to function properly. Only in brokerages, steak houses, and perp walks do you see guys in three-piece suits these days.
Where I work now we are still supposed to be "business casual" which for me means some nice khakis and a button down shirt. But since we don't really have any clients that visit this office, I have pretty much abandoned the dress code and wear jeans every day. Jeans and a sweater that is either blue, green or gray. Those are the only colors I wear.

Since I have gotten older, I do think it would be nice to dress up every now and then. I was eyeballing a nice sport coat the other day that was on sale, but I just couldn't pull the trigger since I can't think of a time in the next year that I would actually have to wear one. Oh well, maybe on the next job. It is a hassle to dress up. Maybe it's just that I have been watching too many James Bond movies recently that I think it looks better.

Which reminds me of something funny brother said when we were getting ready for his wedding, which was last November. He had just put on his newly tailored tuxedo and he was looking at himself in a full length mirror, when he somewhat dejectedly said, "I don't look like Bond, I look like a waiter."

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