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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sue Everybody
Looks like the RIAA is back to their old tricks. This time they are going after 532 anonymous downloaders (hope I ain't one of them). Since the most recent court ruling that ISPs don't have to provide the names, they are just suing IP addresses.
With the ruling in mind, music biz lawyers filed the latest suits against "John Doe" defendants identifiable only by their numeric Internet protocol addresses. RIAA execs hope the courts will force the ISPs to name names, but without the automatic subpoena power, ISPs have the right to object to such demands, making suing music swappers a much slower, costlier process.
I'm certainly guilty of downloading music, but most of it I already own. I just think it is easier to go out to Kazaa and get it and then burn it on a CD. I'm at the point right now that pretty much every song that I want to listen to I have. I was thinking about getting an IPod for Christmas and wondered if I could think of 1000 songs that I would want to listen to that I could put on it. Answer: not even close.

I probably only buy about 5 new records a year and maybe the same amount from the used section. Unlike my friend Scott, who keeps up with the new bands, the newest thing I have that I like is The Strokes. I bought their first record "Is This It" and probably had that thing in my car CD player for 6 months and listened to and liked every song (except #6). Their newest "Room on Fire" that just came out is decent, but just didn't have the same kick to it. I like Wilco too, but mostly, I wish the Replacements had recorded more music.

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