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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Bush Haters
Jeff Jarvis with some common sense about why Dean doesn't appeal to voters like me:
Howard Dean is sliding in Iowa and New Hampshire and all God's children have their analyses; here's mine: Victory will not come from sniping. We don't want to elect Dr. No and then find him in office. We want to elect a Dr. Yes who makes things happen. Howard Dean has not so much made himself into a radical as he has made himself into Dr. No.

He has made himself into the leader of the negative wing of the party. And it's hurting him now.
Read the whole thing. Even though I was always down on Edwards, I kind of like him all of a sudden, because he is running a positive campaign. And maybe I'd vote for him if he won the nomination, since I think tax increases are basically off the table as long as we have a Republican Congress.

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