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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Can't Buy Me Love
I did switch over to the SOTU address during commercials and caught some of the end, but really wasn't interested in sitting through an hour of pandering. For most of the night my wife and I watched "Can't by Me Love" which was on the Oxygen network (gasp). For some reason back during my Sophomore year of college (1988-89) this movie was on cable at least once a day, or so it seemed anyway, and I have seen it enough that I can quote dialogue.

This is the story of Ronald Miller, played by Patrick Dempsey, who is a geek in high school and he tries to buy his way into the cool crowd by giving his neighbor Cindi (Amanda Peterson) $1000 to date him for a month. Over the course of the month, Ronald goes from "like totally geek to totally chic". After the month is up Ronald and Cindi break up and Ronald proceeds to date all of her friends and abandon his real friends. Throughout the next few months Ronald becomes the most popular guy in school and everything that he does is considered cool, even the silly African Anteater Ritual which Ronald mistakes for the spotlight dance on American Bandstand. Of course in the end, Cindi drunkenly turns on him and Ronald falls back to his previous status, going from "totally chic to totally geek". Ultimately, Ronald and Cindi, who really fell in love during their fake month of dating, end up together.

This is not really a good movie, but I enjoy it more for its nostalgic value than anything else. This movie was made in 1987, so these folks really were my contemporaries. Ronald mentions how he was born the day a men first walked on the moon, 1969, me too! Also, Ronald's brother in this is brilliantly played by Seth Green, who is Dr. Evil's son "Scott!" in the Austin Power's series. You have to feel bad for someone like Amanda Peterson whose career went nowhere because she really couldn't act, as evidenced in her drunken tell-all scene; but hey, she sure was a cutey.

There are a few movies like this that I have seen about a dozen times during college, if only because they were on cable constantly for awhile and I happened to be hanging around the house. I'll mention them as I see them.

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