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Monday, January 19, 2004

Well that was interesting. I'm not sure how this affects the race overall, but I don't think this was what people were expecting. Really, does anybody know anything? I suppose Kerry was looking strong in the most recent polls, but I don't think this was expected. It's going to be a long year, and I could be persuaded to change my vote, because the more I think about it, for me Bush had done all that I think he can for me. I can't see him reforming Social Security and I am a little bit scared by Ashcroft, the patriot act, etc. Not enough to bash him, but if he loses and we still have a Republican congress, I don't think things will be all that bad. As long as the tax cuts stay in place, I guess I won't be complaining. Since I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative (meaning cut taxes and spending), it's tough to find someone who fits the bill.

I love reading comments on these kind of things, like this from Dean's blog for America:
I've just lost a lot of respect for Iowans. Sorry, but it's true. I thought they were smarter than to be fooled by Kerry and the press. Obviously they haven't been paying attention. Hard to see when the corn's so tall.
Yeah, they're the problem.

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