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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Kerry: A Kept Man
I was listening to Rush on the way back from lunch today and he was reading from this column by Ann Coulter. This part made me laugh out loud:
But if Bush can't talk to Kerry about the horrors of war, then Kerry sure as hell can't talk to anyone about the plight of the middle class. Kerry's life experience consists of living off other men's money by marrying their wives and daughters.

For over 30 years, Kerry's primary occupation has been stalking lonely heiresses. Not to get back to his combat experience, but Kerry sees a room full of wealthy widows as "a target-rich environment." This is a guy whose experience dealing with tax problems is based on spending his entire adult life being supported by rich women. What does a kept man know about taxes?
So I guess its looking like Kerry after all? He doesn't wear well, so I imagine that the people that bother to go to the polls for this election aren't going to be doing so out of passion for their candidate, rather than just to keep the other guy out.

I'm not sure what has happened to Bush recently. Right after Thanksgiving, I was thinking of contributing a few bucks to the Bush campaign, now I'm debating whether it even makes sense to vote, since he'll probably take Virginia anyway. I don't want Kerry, but consider my not voting as a vote of no confidence. But, I suppose all that will change in September (or will they wait till October?) when they "find" Osama. Then I'll be back on the bandwagon.

P.S. What is Blogger's spell checker trying to tell us when it fails to recognize the word "Kerry's" and offers "Kerouac" as a suggestion?

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