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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Martha Stewart Trial
The New York Times tries to do a sympathetic piece about Peter Bacanovic; Stewart's Merrill Lynch Stockbroker with the "cold steel" gaze. He comes across pretty well, but this part probably should have been edited:
In a search for a peaceful center amid the turmoil, he has taken up yoga. He has also expressed regret to friends that he never followed his first professional calling, which was to be a Hollywood agent. He worked briefly in the mailroom of William Morris, the talent agency, in the mid-1980's, and has talked wistfully about pursuing a career as a movie producer in Hollywood if he is acquitted.
So instead of a Stockbroker, he wanted to be a Hollywood Agent. OK, and that is better how? The only thing that works here is Teacher, something health care related or something unique but practical, like furniture making. Am I supposed to think after reading this, "Wow if only he pursued his passion, he would be screwing over Actors and Actresses, instead of wealthy Manhattanites."

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