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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Blast from the Past
From this Salon article about Conservative's disappointment with Bush. We get this quote from Don Devine which I agree with:
"There's concern over what Bush is doing, no question," said Donald Devine, vice chairman of the American Conservative Union and former director of the Office of Personnel Management in the Reagan administration. "He's increased domestic spending more than any recent president. I don't think it's turned into voting against Bush. It may show up in terms of turnout. In the past, that's hurt Republicans."
Back in my Washington days, I had a run in with Don Devine. One of my buddies was looking for someone to bartend at a fundraiser for Don Devine, who was running for Congress. It was at a nice house on Capitol Hill, not far from where I lived, but a much nicer place. At the time I felt like a spy, since I was a Democrat in those days and all my roomates worked at the RNC. Here is how I described it back then from my journal:
11/2/94 I did something interesting last night. I was bartending at a fundraiser for Don Devine, who is a Republican Congressional candidate from Prince George's County. He will probably lose, so it doesn't really matter. He seemed as if he would be surprised if he won. The whole thing wasn't really at all what I expected. There were only about twenty or so people there, and most of them were losers as far as I was concerned. The coolest person there was the owner of the house, and the hottest chick there, sadly, was his 13 year old daughter. I only got twenty bucks out of it, but I really would have done it for free, since it was something I wanted to experience and it only took two hours.
I'm surprised that Don is still alive the way that he was drinking and smoking at that fundraiser. But he was pretty nice to me as I recall, since I was pouring his drinks for him. But anyway, just something that caught my eye and an excuse to pull stuff out of my journal.

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