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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Damage Control
I filled out a survey on the silly Bush Tax website just for kicks and to see if I would get a response when I let them know that my net Bush Tax was -$1800: $2300 tax cut - $500 property tax increase, which was due to a reassessment of my home (not a tax hike). Ever since I did this, I get emails from Joe Trippi of Dean for America. Tonight he asks that I tune in for the following:
Dear David,

There are three television appearances tonight (Thursday) that you won't want
to miss:

1) Tonight, Howard Dean will appear at the Democratic candidates' debate in
Manchester, New Hampshire. The debate will air live nationally on the Fox News
Channel at 8 pm ET, with a one-hour summary on ABC News' Nightline at 11:35
pm ET. FOX News Radio and ABC News Radio networks will also carry the debate.

2) Governor Dean and his wife Judy sit down with Diane Sawyer tonight on Prime
Time Thursday on ABC. The program airs at 10 pm ET.

3) Howard Dean will appear on Late Night with David Letterman on CBS tonight.
Check local listings.

Be sure to tune in, and join other Dean supporters for a discussion of the
broadcats on our campaign web log:


Spread the word to everyone you know.

Joe Trippi

campaign manager

Dean for America

Dear Joe,

If you can get Howard to be half as hilarious as he was on Monday night, I will definitely tune in to all three of those broadcats, as you call them. Thanks for the note, and well, best of luck on your future endeavors.

-Dave S.

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