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Friday, January 16, 2004

One more hour
This week seemed kinda long to me. I am glad the weekend is almost here. On Friday's, I take my dog Cassidy to what they call "doggie daycare" at this place and when I pick her up she is completely tired. It's nice, because then the wife and I can go out that night and not feel like the dog has been abandoned all day.

Tonight I want to go to one of the places in town that has Golden Tee. I have been meaning to play that again, ever since I golfed at Oyster Bay when I was down in Myrtle Beach for my brother's bachelor party. Oyster Bay is (or was) one of the courses on Golden Tee, but I can't remember if it is on the most recent version.

Actually the last time I was playing Golden Tee was last Christmas when I went to Kincade's in Chicago with my brother and our significant others. I was playing well and was on the 15th hole and my wife came up to me and said "Let's go, I'm not feeling well." I said, "In a minute, we have 3 holes left." And the next thing I heard was the sound of her head hitting the bar room floor. She fainted. So, I guess she really wasn't feeling well. I knew she was a fainter, but I had never seen it before. Anyway she was fine, she just has really low blood pressure and that happens from time to time.

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