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Friday, January 16, 2004

Mellow Mushroom
Mellow Mushroom is my favorite pizza place in Charlottesville, and probably my favorite place to go to have a beer. Not only do they have Golden Tee, which we played tonight, but they have about 30 beers on tap, including the Delirium Noel which is a lot of beer at 10% alcohol by volume (ABV). It's not as good as the Delirium Tremens which they have had before, but definitely a "hand over the car keys" kind of beer at 8.5% ABV. For some reason, it is considered to be a family friendly kind of place; although upon entering it is obvious that the Mellow Mushroom is so mellow because it really has been 'shrooming. The kind of 'shrooming that is enjoyed by college students and hippies. The place is decorated with lava lamps and cartoon psychedelic mushroom imagery. It looks kind of cool, but I am not sure how you would explain it to a 5-year old.

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