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Monday, January 09, 2006

Tim Noah doesn't understand why coaches should get respect:
There is surely no American archetype more preposterously overpraised at this cultural moment than the Coach. He has become a vessel of redemption, a wise old pappy who could tell us a thing or two about this thing we call life if only we'd bother to listen.

Fair enough, but read on and you'll see why:
My own chief memory of high-school coaches (in my case, they were all physical-education teachers, since I was never on a team) is that they enjoyed being mean to the fat kids. That kept skinny-but-uncoordinated kids like me out of the line of fire.

A few months ago Tim Noah wrote this immature take down of Jack Abramoff, who was classmate of Tim Noah, and reading it you can understand exactly why Noah doesn't like coaches or popular kids: Tim Noah still has a chip on his shoulder from his days as a high school nerd.

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