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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Colds
Back from the great city of Chicago. Good times all in all, although the wife and I are both experiencing the side effects of spending time with sick nieces and nephews. Just colds though, nothing major.

Chicago was typical. I recall seeing the sun on Saturday morning prior to descending through the clouds over Lake Michigan, and then saw it 5 days later as we broke through the clouds over Lake Michigan Thursday afternoon. It's always up there, but sometimes you forget that in a Chicago winter. But hey, not complaining, because the temperature was actually quite balmy for this time of year.

We got pretty lucky from a travel standpoint: No delays, little traffic. As bad as I think travel can be for just the two of us, my wife remarked that we will never travel so easy again, which is a little scary. It was great to see everyone over Christmas, but it's also great to be back.

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