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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Department of Labor
This article focuses on an employee at the Department of Labor in Boston. These are the laziest media stories imaginable, some reporter stalks someone for a few days or they follow a work crew around on a slow day and conclude that the guys are slackers. It's kinda unfair. Here is an excerpt:
It was another short day for Buonopane, the highly paid, highly connected appointee of Governor Mitt Romney. Buonopane's work days average two hours and 51 minutes, according to Globe reporters who observed him over a series of days during February and March. On many days he does not come in at all.
This reporter's got it all wrong. I worked at the Department of Labor, and this guy is actually being productive. When I was working for the government, if I could keep myself occupied for 51 minutes, I was having a good day.

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