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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Still a Bachelorette
Jen Schefft redeemed herself in my eyes by not choosing either of the final bachelors. I always liked that Jen Schefft. Some have said that's she's a little too quick to jump in the hot tub and start making out with strange men, but if she is a "whore" it is only of the attention variety.

So in the end she was left with choosing between the younger, wet noodle of a man and papally named John Paul, and the devilshly handsome, but likely unemployed Jerry. You could tell there were sparks between Jerry and Jen, but I bet that once she had some time to think about him, she realized he was a loser and decided to go the "just friends" route. Good for her, no reason to break another engagement. Jen makes bad decisions and will ultimately will get what she deserves. She let a lot of better guys go earlier in the show.

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