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Friday, February 11, 2005

Stupid Trends
There is an article here in the Washington Post about the waning days of kids wearing their pants so that they expose their underwear. It's being taken over by the even sillier trend of wearing shirts that are about 8 sizes too big. That looks really uncomfortable to me.

But anyway, that got me to thinking: I was just looking at my jeans in the elevator this morning and wondered what they would look like if I rolled up the pants leg, in what some might have called a "French cuff". At the time it made perfect sense, and it looked downright odd to just have your jeans flapping about uncuffed. But if I was walking around with my jeans cuffed like that nowadays, someone could rightfully call me an "ass clown". Sometime around 1991, people just stopped doing it and I was left with a generation of jeans that were 33W/34L and were now too long to wear.

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