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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Local News
The park where I walk my dog every day after work was buzzing yesterday with stories of murder and intrigue:
Authorities are investigating the killing of a Fluvanna County man whose body was found by a woman walking her dog near Darden Towe Park early Monday.

Anthony Lorenzo Johnson, 22, of Ampthill Road in Columbia, was lying face-down near a Buick Regal parked on a pull-off between Free Bridge Lane and the Rivanna River in Albemarle County, police said. His head was bloody and his clothes were disheveled.

“There’s some blood in the car. There’s some blood on [Johnson’s] head,” county police Sgt. James Bond said. “But we can’t say for sure what the causes are.”
Murders are pretty rare in these parts, so this is a pretty big deal. My guess is that it is a drug deal gone bad. I spend a lot of my time at that park and there are only three kinds of people at the park: 1) People walking their dogs, 2) People involved in something athletic, 3) People involved in something nefarious. This generally consists of cheating on a significant other, or drug deals.

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