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Monday, October 11, 2004

Diary of a Political Tourist
I watched Diary of a Political Tourist tonight, Alexandra Pelosi's documentary of the Democratic Presidential candidates. She did a similar thing four years ago with Journeys with George. This one didn't work quite as well, mostly because the subjects of her movie aren't quite as engaging as George W. was in the first, and her whole schtick quickly got a little old.

Anyway, but it did give me a little more insight into John Kerry. I suppose he isn't that bad of a guy. While originally I though Kerry to be elitist and aloof, he is aloofness is actually more of a social awkwardness, something which I can understand. By the way, who in God's name would ever want to put themselves through that kind of crap to be President. No thanks.

A funny moment in this is watching Tersea Heinz Ketchup at some of these small events trying to eat a hotdog, or scoop up some potato salad. She has difficulty hiding her disdain for this process. If Kerry wins, she will be a fun first lady to watch.

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