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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sprint's Customer Service Blows
I'm trying to set up phone service (local and long distance) here in Charlottesville, and the local carrier is Sprint. I've had a couple run-ins with these clowns in the past, and they act like I don't have an alternative. On their website, it states that you have to wait 5 business days to get your service activated, which is ridiculous. Not only that, but they can't even guarantee it. Here is what they just emailed me:
Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to connect your service on your requested date. Instead we have scheduled your installation for 10/07/2004. If this date is not acceptable, please reply to this email or contact our customer service center at 800-672-6242 or 800-535-0189.
Here was my reply:
Here's an idea: Set it up tomorrow. I suppose if I have to use my cell phone exclusively for a week and a half, I'll probably get used to it. Or, I could probably just wait a couple of months until Adelphia offers voice over IP in this area.

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