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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate
Well not that it will matter that much, but this one goes to Cheney. Edwards looks and sounds a little green, while Cheney looks and acts a little bit old and tired, but I think he came across better.

Edwards has the same problem that I have right after a new haircut: he looks like he is about 12. When you have straight hair like that, you need to let your haircut age about a week and a half before it is ready for prime time.

Cheney gets a bad rap for seeming like the evil puppeteer behind the ticket, but he really is a pretty laid back guy. I mean, he is from Wyoming.

I think it is pretty amazing that even after all of the experience that a guy like Cheney has -- Defense Secretary, Haliburton CEO, Vice-President, etc. -- he still seem a little bit nervous. I guess you never get used to some things.

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