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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential Debates
Well, since I had low expectations for Kerry (below), I guess I got give this one to him. Bush looked more like he did in his Tim Russert interview and less like he did in his Bill O'Reilly interview, which is too bad. Kerry was pretty solid and his lack of personality really didn't matter because he put Bush on the defensive and Bush looked a little frazzled, but just a little. I'd score it 52 to 48 for Kerry. However, I'll add that it was so boring that I bet most people changed the channel after a half hour or so. I sort of stopped watching and was reading some of the people who were live blogging during it.

This was a more serious debate, and I think that is why Kerry did better than expected, since if he is anything he is a serious person. It is difficult for Bush to show his better personality when discussing serious issues like this. When you are discussing domestic issues, which in the vast scheme of things aren't that serious: like should the top tax rate be 35% or 39%, or should the minimum wage be $4.75 or $5.75, it's a little easier to smile and joke your way through it, which is where Bush shines. So we'll see how it goes, but I think the race is back on.

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