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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Tennis Baby
So I see that CNBC is giving tennis crybaby John McEnroe a talk show. McEnroe just isn't my type of guy. I can't stand athletes who cry about every call, so I'll leave it at that. I find him amusing, so I may watch it but I have zero respect for the guy. Here is an interesting article I read awhile back. McEnroe had some words with the gossip columnist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune on a media conference call.

McEnroe never picked up on the fact that "he" was a "she" and they got into in over the whole "wood rackets" issue. Here is what the whiner said at one point:
"You're a big man, let me tell you," he said. "Friggin' loser you are, man. Go laugh all the way home. Go look in the mirror. I wish I played you on the tennis court."
I don't know about you but where I come from a test of your manhood doesn't usually involve putting on cute white shorts and hitting a ball with rackets, but maybe that's just me.

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